October 19, 2007

Skirt 22, Part Deux

Great photo David! Buen trabajo!

Skirt 22 is from Laura. I chose to wear it today because I needed to feel good. I am tired and emotionally beat. (So much change in such a short amount of time, and I think I've gotten 6 hours of sleep total in the past 48 hours.) Today's skirt is very versatile and flexible, which is what I need to be more of these days. (Click on Skirt 22 to see what I mean.) I received so many compliments on my skirt today. I stopped counting at 7. I love today's skirt. It makes me feel beautiful.

I think the color is lovely and peaceful: aqua with flecks of gold and multicolored metallic thread. I love the way it flows when I walk. But what I love most of all is that it was a gift from Laura. This is actually the first skirt I received as a gift after I started Skirt Project. She is so supportive and I love that about her. She bought this skirt for me when I last saw her in Austin, and when I put it on today I felt so good. I felt her love and support around me. Who knew a skirt could do that? I'd forgotten.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or if it's obvious, but adjusting to life in Mexico has been difficult. Not always a negative experience, but it could easily become so if I don't change my perspective. But that's changing... Something is changing, just listen to what happened to me today...

1. I finally got an idea for all of the bus tickets (boletes) that I have been saving. I've accumulated quite a collection from all the rides I have to take to get around town.

2. At work, I got an assistant! Hoo-ray! (I didn't have to ask for help, but I desperately need it.)

3. I began to get reimbursed for some supplies that I bought in the States. Money! Mexican pesos! Another gift...

4. I tasted fresh agua de coco from the trees outside the my classroom door, which I blogged about on Nancy's Skirt. What a treat! Don Gil planted the trees about 20 years ago. I can tell he is especially proud of them, or maybe just exceptionally proud... Muchas gracias Gilberto.

I learned that the "Coco Loco" is a local drink made with agua de coco, ice and rum. But another person I talked to today mentioned more ingredients. It was in Spanish, but I think he mentioned tequila, sugar, and something else. I'm not sure if I'll try that one. I liked mine sin alcohol. My first sip of agua de coco was sweet, warm and natural. I sipped on it all day in my classroom. Another gift, I could feel it felt nourishing my soul. I hope the agua stains come out of my skirt...

5. Another first, all of my classes went really well today! The kids were great and some of them actually thanked me. (?) I don't know why... We're learning about color... They are funny.

6. Maybe it's my foreign surroundings, but ever since I've landed in Mexico I have been more aware of the sounds around me. The sounds of Mexico amaze me: the rocks rolling under the current as the tide ebbs and flows, the language of Spanish spoken all around me and the music. While I can't understand it all, I like it. A Bassa Nova band played tonight just outside my apartment. I sat on my porch in the cool evening and listened to a private concert, and the bus ride home was especially entertaining.

7. Yes, I said cool! It actually is starting to cool down. It's still hot, and I'm still sweating my @## off, but you can definitely feel the breeze in the air. Something is changing.

8. As I watched the sunset tonight, I saw dolphins swimming in the Bay. It was awesome.

I believe these are signs from God or the universe telling me that while it's difficult to be here, this is right. There is "something" here that I need to do, or perhaps it's "something" that I need to learn. There is a reason for everything.

When did Mexico become magical? Maybe it's been happening all along and I was too caught up in my head to realize. My reality isn't reality... it is what it is.

My world outside my classroom door...

My world outside my back door.

From the lyrics of the poet Nas ~ Whose world is this? The world is yours.


laurakathleen said...

Awwww, Lydia, you are beautiful, you almost made me cry. I miss you soooooo much! I can't wait to come visit you down there. Mantenerse fuerte! What an amazing adventure life can be.

playbirdgirl said...

and you talked to me for a long time!!!

Let's talk again soon.
hugs, s