October 18, 2007

Same skirt, different story.

Here we are again...

Is this the end, or the beginning?

I haven't been sure where to take Skirt Project since I've been down here. Should I repeat the same skirts? Should I document others' skirts? How do I do that in a foreign country? (There are so many questions that go with that last question...)
I've brought quite a few skirts down here to Mexico with me. But it's so hot and humid and I've been dressing as cool and comfortable as I can. I have some cute dress shorts that I've been sporting, even though teachers are technically not supposed to wear them... Oh well.

I'm back to skirts, at least for now. I need to get back to Skirt Project for myself. Many of my skirts are repeats, so be prepared. But Skirt Project is different... It's Mexico! I'm going to be open and see where it takes me. It hasn't steered me wrong yet. I have a couple of new skirts to show, but at this point I'm doing what I need to do - passing the time while being creative.

Previously, Skirt Project had opened up so many opportunities. So many stories and revelations about myself. It's been amazing, and I realize that it doesn't have to stop here. I've been trying to keep Skirt Project really positive, but the truth is that a lot of bad, or negative things have happened too. But, that's ok. That's life. And as we all know, out of something bad comes something positive, and the good or truth always reveals itself eventually.

You only get one shot, and life's too short, unlike my skirt...

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laurakathleen said...

I'm so twirling in my skirt that you are continuing skirt project! I've been missing the color that you bring to my mundane gray cubicle world with this blog. It had become my daily ritual there for awhile to check skirt blog every morning when I came into the office. My morning cup a joe just ain't the same without cha baby. While dressed in heels and squinting under flourescent lights, I am tasting agua de coco and squeezing sand between my toes...Thank you!