October 25, 2007

Otra vez... Skirt 32

I'm wearing Skirt 32 today, one of my favorites. It's light and airy with a black and white western influenced paisley print. It's feminine, fluttery and comfortable to wear. I have a lot of work to do today and need to be at my best - comfortable. It's still very warm here, but definitely breezy. It's hard to imagine Autumn is here in other parts of the world.

It's Thursday, so I know I'm over the hump of the work week, but my heart is back in Dallas... I miss my love.

I'm also wearing red today... the color of love,
the color of the Red Sox! Go Boston!
Ugh! So tired today. The cool weather IS finally here, at least in the morning. I may have to break out my sweater soon. We drew outside again this morning.

Hanging with my very talented AP kids.

They posed me by this strange Autumnal tropical still life they set up. Only in Vallarta...

I went to watch the sunset, it reminds me why I am here...

At the beach, I miss my love...

Walking back home, I thought I had seen what I set out to see tonight, until...

I saw the moon. It's so full and gorgeous! It's huge!
Eight more until I'm with my love...

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