June 9, 2013

Make 52: Week 11

This past week has kept me busy cleaning and organizing. I was able to make a few things. They may not be much to look at, but they were delicious to eat.

11. A. Vegetarian tacos and homemade guacamole.
I made the guacamole just how I remember it from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - avocado with chopped cucumbers and fresh garlic. The taco mixture is corn, red beans, sauteed onions and flacons de soja (TVP). 
 11.B. Ladies' Night Mac and Cheese
I made this with a friend Wednesday night. We used this recipe as a guide - cutting the amount of butter and milk by half. Then we watched Pretty Woman on Flemish TV. It was a good night!
 11. C. Fried eggs x 4.
I'm working on it. 
11.D. A little bit of this, a little bit of that carrot salad.
I had about 8 carrots that needed to be used in my fridge. It took about an hour to grate them all. Then I added a few raisins and some chopped dates for sweetness, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper, and the tiniest bit of mayonnaise. I think a little bit of fresh ginger would also go really well with this. 

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