June 6, 2013

365 Photos: Days 126 - 132

Day 126: Monday, May 6 
I spent the day shopping with my mom. We may have gone here twice in one day.
Day 127: Tuesday, May 7
Sick selfie on a sunny day. Just after my interview. 
Day 128: Wednesday, May 8
At last! A pedicure!
 In the end, I was too scared to go with sparkly aqua and just ended up getting a nice safe nude color. 
Day 129: Thursday, May 9
Horchata - the only think my stomach could tolerate that week.
Why yes! That is a tiny Converse key chain!
Day 130: Friday, May 10
Naomi and Daniel get married!
Day 131: Saturday, May 11
This pretty much sums up my day - driving and and going out in Dallas later that night.
Day 132: Sunday, May 12
Mother's Day
Me and my mommy.

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