June 4, 2013

365 Photos: Days 98-104

April 8 - 14
Day 98: Monday, April 8
Stadhuis (city hall) in Gouda, The Netherlands.
Day 99: Tuesday, April 9
Self-portraits at the Escher Museum in Den Haag (The Hague).
Day 100: Wednesday, April 10
Wow! What a boring photo! To be honest, this was the only photo that I took that day because I needed to go grocery shopping. Instead of writing a list, I usually just snap a photo of the list on our chalk-board sticker in our kitchen. You might think that's pretty 'green' of me, but really I'm just lazy. 
Day 101: Thursday, April 11
Job application checklist for DISD. It was so tedious and time consuming, the only way to get through it was to make a game of it. Plus, it was fun to check the boxes as I completed them. 
Day 102: Friday, April 12
Wooden clogs at SPIT (the local charity shop). I should of bought them, they were €2,50.
I went back last week hoping they were still there. Of course, they were gone. 
Day 103: Saturday, April 13
I tried something new at the market this day: pineberries.
A hybrid strawberry with a pineapple flavor. They were sweet and delicious!
Day 104: Sunday, April 14
Delicious slices of a Brazo de Reina cake that my neighbor made.

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