June 9, 2013

365 Photos: Days 154 - 160

Am I all caught up now?
Day 154: Monday, June 3
KU Leuven doctors' waiting room.
Getting my eyes checked. 
Day 155: Tuesday, June 4
Ik hou van mijn snoepjes.
"I love my candy."
Especially the Haribo variety.
Day 156: Wednesday, June 5
"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..." 
My heart was heavy this day.
Day 157: Thursday, June 6
Leffe at the city library? Don't mind if I do.
Day 158: Friday, June 7
Such lovely weather this past week! I had to get out and soak up some rays. 

Day 159: Saturday, June 8
This guy has been hanging around the Leuven market for a few weeks now. I finally saw the spectacle for myself. 

Day 160: Sunday, June 9
New knitting project!

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