June 5, 2013

365 Photos: Days 112 - 118

Day: 112: Monday, April 22
An American abroad. I took this photo just before I hopped on board a boat tour in Ghent. 
Day 113: Tuesday, April 23
A gorgeous day in Ixelles, Brussels.
Day 114: Wednesday, April 24
We chased the sun to Knokke on the Belgian coast.
Day 115: Thursday, April 25
Enjoying an early evening drink with my love.
Day 116: Friday, April 26
Friday Field Trip to the Caves of Han-sur-Lesse.
Day 117: Saturday, April 27
Happy Birthday Jon!
His 'cake' is a mixture of rice tarts and mattentarts, a kind of sweet cheese puff pasty.
Day 118: Sunday, April 28
Continuing Jon's birthday celebration in Brugge.

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