June 7, 2013

365 Photos: Days 140 - 146

Day 140:  Monday, May 20
Tu as fait les exercises?
~ Oui, j'ai fait les exercises.
Studying for my French exam. 
Day 141: Tuesday, May 21
Finally finished reading Brave New World
Hope to write about it here on the blog. 
Day 142: Wednesday, May 22
Wearing my lucky charms and my favorite shirt for my exam. I needed all the help I could get. 
Day 143: Thursday, May 23
Amigurumi animals at my favorite store in all of Europe.
Day 144: Friday, May 24
A lovely day in Leuven, ends with a short cut through the Kruidtuin (Botanical Garden).
Day 145: Saturday, May 25
Pool Party in Paal, where we started singing 'Mexican Lucky'.
Day 146: Sunday, May 26
Tiger bike on laundry day. 

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