June 5, 2013

365 Photos: Days 105 - 111

Day 105: Monday, April 15
I must have been cleaning this day. Here is my stash of washi tape that I have amassed during my time here. 
Day 106: Tuesday, April 16
Breakfast: toast, bananas, peanut butter and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). 
My bread board is from Dille & Kamille and makes me very happy. 
Day 107: Wednesday, April 17
A sunny view of the Oude Markt in Leuven 
Day 108: Thursday, April 18
View of Ladeuzeplein and beyond, from the top of the University Library.
Day 109: Friday, April 19
On a hike in the Belgian High Fens.
Day 110: Saturday, April 20
Belgian beer glasses for sale at the Saturday Market.
Day 111: Sunday, April 21
Blossoms in the Groot Begijnhof in Leuven. 

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