June 4, 2013

365 Photos: Days 91-97

April 1 - 7
The days of the week are written in Dutch. 
Day 91: maandag, April 1
After trips it's normal for me to only want to eat salads. 
Day 92: dinsdag, April 2
A rare sunny, but very cold Spring day in Brussels.
It snowed the next day.
Day 93: woensdag, April 3
We took a trip to Rotterdam for the Easter holiday and also for Jon to do some "field work" for his thesis. We went to an exhibition at the Museum Boijmans called Hand Made. I loved this piece by Dutch artist Johanna Schweizer. She crochets with yarn, then coats it with epoxy resin so that it is rigid, all the while forming the piece using various materials such as clothes pins and plastic bags.
Day 94: donderdag, April 4
A large date or number stamp that I picked up in Rotterdam.
Later, I gave it to our nice waiter at De Machinist.
I went back and got another one for me the next day.
Day 95: vrijdag, April 5
The Maastunnel in Rotterdam.
It spans 1070 meters underground (2/3 of one mile), under the Maas River.
Day 96: zaterdag, April 6
Close-up of Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses) in Rotterdam.
We even got to go inside one of them.
Day 97: zondag, April 7
An introduction to Body Pump.
While it was fun and definitely a workout, I hope I never have to do that again.

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