September 28, 2009

Your Time Will Come...

I just looked at my dashboard for Skirt Project and got very excited thinking I was about to publish my 500th post! Woo-hoo! Joy!

Then disbelief, seriously?

Let me get out my pen and paper.

481 published posts, 499 posts I've started, and 18 I have not published.

Alas I am only at 481, but still 481!

That's worth something right?

I think so, I will celebrate it anyway.

481 posts and my story snakes and winds. Look at all the places I've been, all that I've done ~

But it's what I haven't done that nags me more. (Like those 18 posts... and then some.)

I have about 100 pictures to share ~ pictures from Bruges, Brussels and Leuven. And I have 4 or 5 things I need to complete and share. It's a little daunting, seems like a big mountain to me.

I promise myself to come up with a solution today, maybe after I eat some cake...

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