September 7, 2009

Boots in Brussels

What a beautiful weekend we've had here in Belgium, and we spent ours in Brussels.
We both walked all over the city in our boots. My feet are paying for it today, but it was totally worth it. I took way too many pictures, so I plan to post our adventures in three parts, maybe four.
In Brussels, we were without a map and a guide book, but instead we had our great host(s) show us the way. Forgive me if I do not have all of the names of the places we visited, but as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and we will be back.

Somewhere in the commune where we stayed:

I rode the Wiener an awful lot this weekend...

It's undergoing major renovation now. The top of the dome is done, but by the time everything else is finished it may be time for another renovation.

Another view of Palais de Justice.
The view from the top of the lift:

Once again at The Grand'Place (Grote Markt - Market Square)
Belgian Beer Weekend is still going strong!

A shortcut through the Royal Galleries.

A very beautiful church, with a very beautiful sky...
Somewhere on Place du Grand Sablon...

Further down the 'Sablon'...

This maybe the oldest inn established in 1587. I hope to go back and eat there, or have a pint.

Across the way, I spy something green...

Skate park for future and older generations.

I see a story in the image below, do you?

They wouldn't let us take pictures inside, but it was a stunning piece of architecture and interior design, or total design as I learned...
Learn more about this innovative Art Nouveu architect here.

Here is a picture of the door knocker, which you should copy and print as a souvenir.
They were charging .50 to 1 € for a bookmark or postcard of this same image...

'Til tomorrow...

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