September 25, 2009


I'm in need of a few household items and wanted to check out Spit, the Goodwill of Leuven. Located in Haverlee, just outside the ring of Leuven, it's a short bike ride and borders a very beautiful forest.
Haverlee is Loverlee.

I thought I had taken more pictures than I did, but realize as I put this post up that there is not a shot of the interior or exterior of the building. Something very important for reviewing and documenting places. In addition to being a second hand store, it's also a social organization that helps low-income families find and furnish homes. Giving them a hand up, and not a hand out.

Here are some funky finds at Spit:
I think this is a compost tumbler. I liked it's primitive texture from the moment I spotted it. At first I thought it was something to make beer from... Maybe from a trappist abbey.

Record bowls:
(Don't they sell these at Urban Outfitters?)
Spit has lots and LOTS of record bowls, but I don't think I can scramble eggs in that...

Anyone need a sequenced kitty? There's a brown one available too!

How about a disco mirrored duck?
C'mon now! These were someone's precious items, or heinous gifts.

One thing Belgium does have a lot of are glasses.
Every beer that's brewed here has it's corresponding glass. It's very important. Don't serve a beer in the wrong glass.

Look at this pristine typewriter!
I don't think I could use this though, if you notice the keyboard is not the same as a North American one, or a Spanish one for that matter...

I consider the trip successful, I only spent 6,75€.

I won't show you all of my purchases, but these are the two I am most excited about.
Excuse the bad lighting, but I took these early in the morning before the sunlight streams in the kitchen. I even had to use a flash. (Cringe.) But I had to show off a few of my choice wares in use: new glass carafe, perfect for two people and my teeny tiny dorm sized fridge, and my glass juicer! Each was only 0,50€!

Fresh squeezed OJ put me in such a great mood this morning!

Yesterday I learned that there are Oranges à jus and oranges de table. Guess which ones these are? I also learned that 4 oranges = OJ for two.


Dries said...

Small remark: it's actually Heverlee instead of Haverlee :-)

Lydia said...

Thanks! And it's sequined not sequenced.
I get a little zealous when I push 'enter.'