September 22, 2009

Things 13, 6 and How to...

I have four projects in the works for 100 things.

In this post, things #13 and 6. More to come... alas, there is always more to come.

Today's Thing:
#13. Draw a map of the creases on your hand, (knuckles, palm).

Start with the shape.

Then, focus, focus...

Draw what you see.
My friend drew her hand but also drew a diagram correlating a palm reading. She found her information here. I took the pictures this weekend, because a spider bit me while I was sleeping, right smack dab in the middle of my palm. A stigmata.

Yesterday's Thing:
#6. Glue an envelope into your journal. For one week collect items you find on the street.

How to Make an Envelope

Tools you will need:
scissors, some kind of adhesive and a folding tool.
I prefer Fiskars for scissors, Kolo adhesive tape (glue works fine too), and a bone folder (try a credit card or your finger.)

Find an interesting piece of paper. I thought this small map of Leuven would be interesting, and it is made of a heavy weight, like card stock.
Cut a rectangle, and fold in half.
Cut out a tiny part off the end, this is where you will slip items inside.
At the half mark, cut about 1/2" on either side. Then using a folding tool, fold a tiny selvage on either side.
Apply tape (or adhesive of your choice) to one half of the sides (2):
Next, use your folding tool to ensure that the sides stick together.
Finally, add strips of tape along the back so that it will be secure in your journal.

VoilĂ !

Items collected so far: (from top to bottom) a claim ticket of sorts, a teeny-tiny daisy, and a piece of red confetti. I'll post all the items on the 28th, next Monday.

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