September 24, 2009

What to Do With a Muesli Box?

A quick post here. My where does the time go?

I need storage here in my tiny place. But, I don't want to spend money, and this is all potentially stuff I will have to take back or give away later. So here is a quick solution.

Museli Magazine Box

You will need the following:
Scissors, cereal box, and optional bowl of cereal.

Whoops! Also forgot about these guys...
Also important: metal ruler and your favorite marking instrument.

Mark a diagonal line from a top corner of the box, to a mark about 10 cm from the top of the other corner, like so:
Make sense?

Do the same on the other side of the box, but make sure that your lines meet 10 cm below on the same side.

Still with me?

Carefully cut along your lines:
VoilĂ !
Instant magazine/storage box.
It's eco-friendly, colorful and a great way to enjoy local ephemera and design.

Incidentally, I made this dinner tonight.
It was delicious!

(I'm trying to learn Dutch.)
That's how you say "Do It Yourself."

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