September 5, 2009

Leaving Leuven

I went to Waterloo yesterday for an interview. I hope I get the job, because I don't want to leave!
I'm not sure what this sign means, but it was curious...

In Waterloo, there is a big hill with a Lion on the top to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. Yeah, that Battle of Waterloo. With Napoleon? It was too far out of town to see, but maybe next time I'll get to check it out.

Belgium has some of the best food in Europe, and yesterday I ate the MOST delicious meals in my life.
Meal #1
Truffle Ravioli and tasty prosciutto pizza, but later I ate:

Meal #2
More pizza at Mamma Roma in Brussels, and it was
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

You buy this pizza by the kilo, but it is worth every gram!

I forgot my guide book, but that's fine, because we are staying with a most excellent host.

Strolling along, we stopped by Mannequin Pis. Apparently he was dressed up yesterday, and there is girl Mannequin not too far away. I'm going to look for her today.
It's a total tourist trap, but worth the sight, and the silly pic opportunity.

Belgian Waffle anyone?

Belgian Beer Weekend happens to be this weekend, so we went to check it out in the square.

Before you enter the square, one has to touch this statue, actually it's a bas relief.
Anyway, supposedly if you touch it before you enter the square, you will have good luck, or be able to return to Belgium one day. I guess it's like Brussels' Trevi Fountain?

The square

Mr. Wonderful

In case you're wondering, there is LOTS of lace here. I think I am going to wait until I get to Ghent or Bruges to explore.

On a walking tour, I saw:
A church,

a sign:
I have no idea what it means, but I thought it was funny.

And another church:
And lots of beautiful buildings. Hoping to see more today, and post picture worthy ones tomorrow.

All of this walking made us thirsty, thus we were introduced to Palm beer.
So very nice to meet you!

It was perfect, so satisfying and smooth.


Toadstool said...

Love it!!!!!

Dries said...

The first sign (containing 'Waterloo') means that you're leaving the city center. Within the city the default maximum speed limit is 50 km/hour. Outside the city center zone, the default maximum speed is 90 km/hour, unless there's a sign with a different speed limit of course.

The second sign (with the dog) means that you're not allowed to let your dog poop at that location :-)

Lydia said...

Gracias Dries! I really appreciate it. I will post more things that are curious, and maybe you can teach me a thing or two!