September 13, 2009

BE Skirt Shots

Skirts are very popular here in Belgium. I'm still getting used to the weather and daily activity here, so somedays I go out in jeans. But, I still get around town in skirts. I just love the way they make me feel - so feminine and free. Sometimes it's a little more formal than expected, but I think that's a nice surprise. I also like the way they flutter in the wind, going down the stairs or behind me on my bicycle.

Skirts with tights and boots are pretty much everywhere.
Leuven is a university town, and it's really fun to see all the fashion statements.

Red skirt at the flea market right outside our door.

Mother and daughter skirt, and random shopper skirt. I especially love the little girl's brocade skirt. It reminds me of The Sound of Music, when Maria made playclothes for the Von Trapp children out of curtains.

I love this skirt! Gingham is very popular here.
It reminds me of a certain pencil case someone made for me...

The bubble style skirt like the yellow-green one on the right is everywhere.

In Brussels, on Louise Street.

Guess who?

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