February 24, 2013

Make 52: Week 5

Every Sunday, for 52 weeks, I will share what I have made that week.

5. A. I made a 22.5/40 on my test. More than 50%. Believe it or not, this pleases me, but I know...
Ik moet studeren.

5. B. I made beet soup with pretty much all of the veggies in the groentetas this week.
I used this recipe, and it was pretty good! We blended the leftovers to try something different, and I prefer the blended version of the soup.

5.C. I made a ball.
It's been a while since I've made one, but I've still got it! I made it in less than three hours which made my shoulders hurt a bit the next day. Because I knit it so fast, the loop at the top came off. I am told that the baby loves to play with it and prefers it as a ball, and not an ornament. Yay!

5. D. Chocolate mousse with whipped cream.
From scratch!

5. E. Flemish sausage with red cabbage.
I didn't make the sausage, but I made the everything else.

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