February 1, 2013


January has come and gone, and I have to say it was one of my best ones yet. I had fearless intentions and started several projects. I started the Artist Way, One Little Word, 365 Photos, Make 52. I passed the first part of my French course, which means I will start the 2nd part in one week. I enrolled in Dutch II. I went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. And I had a birthday. That's a lot!

February's focus is body - my physical body and a body of work. Once I return from our trip, I plan to create a teaching portfolio and hopefully spruce up the old blog. She's about due for a facelift, plus it will be a chance to learn some new skills.

As for my physical body... I will make an appointment with the dentist and get out and do more physical activity.
I started a Start to Run group last fall, but once the weather turned cold and the sun went down at 4 pm, I gave it up. Now, everyday we are gaining more daylight and I plan to take full advantage of that. I'm prepared for the cold and the wet weather, so really I have geen excuses (no excuses). I also went once to the pool. I don't do much in the way of swimming, but I like the water. Perhaps I could learn while I am here and have the time? We'll see.

This photo is from last fall, when the sun was still shining and the leaves were still on the trees. 
Another way I plan to stay active is to ride my bicycle more. This really takes some courage on my part. I must be FEARLESS! I can ride a bicycle, but I am an extremely slow and careful and try to stay off the roads with the most traffic. Today, I saw two bicycle crashes! Thankfully no one had any injuries, but it's treacherous when it rains. Leuven is a bike friendly city, but other cyclists ride fast and the vehicles ride extremely close. It takes some getting used to, and I am getting on my bike at least once a day.

Have you met my bicycle?
This photo is from last October.
Isn't she a beauty?
Ditto... Also from last October. 
I even have a matching helmet. Leuven has a strong bike culture, and helmets are not fashionable. I don't care if look fashionable or not. I love my brain, and I want to protect it.

So, that's my plan for February:

Fearless, focused, Florence, fun, French, fit

It should be a great month!

Just for fun..,
This photo is from February 1, 2012. This was the way I organized my classes. Day by day. 
What a difference a year makes!

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