February 3, 2013

365 Photos: Day 28 -32

Every Sunday, I will post 7 photos for my 365 Photos project. All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, unless I note otherwise.

This week's photos will be missing Day 33, because I am going on holiday!
Day 28: Jan 28
Gorgeous kiwi for my morning smoothie. 
Day 29: Jan 29
I helped my friend Jeremy sew some curtains with the IKEA sewing machine he gave me for my birthday/Christmas. Lessons were a stipulation, but it's worth it. The machine is wonderful!
Day 30: Jan 30
The sun was shining on the way to the pool. I had a good swim that day. 
Day 31: Jan 31
I spent most of the day working on some applications, but with Jon's help, and his camera, I was able to get some pretty nice passport pics.
Day 32: February 1
Free Hugs! Single Ladies! Sorry guys, I'm married.
 I saw these two guys at Brussels airport when we went to pick up an American exchange student.
I hate that the photo is blurry, but it's too good not to include in my 365 collection.


 I'll be back to post Days 33 - 41 on the 10th of February. Ciao!

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