February 2, 2013

Make 52: Week 2

Every Saturday, for 52 weeks, I will post what I make that week.

2. A. Envelope liners for my valentine cards 
All of my papers are from HEMA, and they were 70% off thanks to the soldens (sales).

2. B. February calendar

2. C. I made a mess.

2. D. I made a yellow curry. It was delicious, but not much too look at - too soupy.

2. E. I made valentines this week. I will reveal the design at a later date, because some of you will be receiving them par avion.

2.F. Not sure if this counts, but I made some reservations online for our upcoming trip. 

I'll be in Italy next week, so my Make 52 post for Week 3 will be up on Sunday, February 10th. Hopefully. :)

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