February 15, 2013

A Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was great! 
Jon and I just got back from an amazing trip, so I wasn't really expecting anything. But, he's such a romantic. He brought me beautiful orange and yellow tulips and the tiniest budding cactus. He's the best!

This year was the first time I mailed Valentine's to friends and family, and it was such fun.

This is wedding confetti. You can find it by the city halls in various Belgian towns. I would call it Belgian wedding confetti, but it's made in China. I think it's pretty regardless and I thought it would be fun to include in my envelopes.
One friend said her cat had a fun time playing with the floating fluttering hearts. Another friend decorated with the hearts.

I used the wedding confetti for inspiration, but also this wood carved stamp that I found at a shop in Antwerp.
I've collected scissors for a while now, so they are kind of my symbol.
I found some cheap paper and envelopes at HEMA and went to town. I made envelope liners out of the paper and used matching washi tape on the envelopes. I had been thinking about my Valentine line for a while now, I knew it had to reference the scissors somehow. Then one night it came to me. And just like that...
Here is a variation of my design. In the end, they looked a little different.
I even added pieces of yarn from my pom-poms. Another friend said they were so "touchable."
That was nice. 

This was the first time I have ever sent out big batches of cards. Even our wedding invitations were sent digitally. But, I loved the process, and in the end it didn't really take that much time once I got in a rhythm. I have even started to think of a design for next year's cards as well. 

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