February 16, 2013

Make 52: Week 4

Every Saturday, for 52 weeks, I will post what I make that week.

4. A. I made a lot of coffee this week. I started my intensive Dutch class and it was so hard to get back in the swing of things. I might have thrown a tantrum, but it was because I was so tired! I am still going through my Italian photos and souvenirs. 
4. B. A few more valentines for my Belgian friends. 
4. C. Another batch of Rustic Cabbage Soup. I still think it's delicious. 
4.D. I made my Moleskine journal a 100%  better with fake, but brightly colored washi tape from HEMA.  
I bought my Moleskine journal on super sale which is why it's pink. 
4. E. A vision board. It's been ages since I made one of these. I'll write more about it later. 
Check out that fancy camera I hope to have. Something better than the iPhone.
4.F. I made Alfredo sauce from scratch tonight!
I combined a recipe from this website, and techniques and ingredients from this video

Now that I am back in classes, I think I will post my Make 52 project on Sunday and post my 365 Photos on Mondays. That gives me more time on the weekends to play, which is what I have been doing all day. 

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