February 25, 2013

365 Photos: Day 49 - 55

Every Monday I will post 7 photos for my 365 Photos project. All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, until I can save some money for a nice "real" camera. Let's see what this iPhone can do...
Day 49: Feb 18
Monday morning walk/ride to school along the Muntstraat.
Day 50: Feb 19
Coffee break during my Dutch class. For  0.70 it isn't half-bad.
Day 51: Feb 20
I stopped by a mini-mart on my way to class and found a few bottles of Dr. Pepper at the bottom of the fridge.
I was excited to taste my old favorite, but it wasn't the same.
Gross! I will not be doing that again.
Day 52: Feb 21
I am a ball-knitting-machine!
Day 53: Feb 22
I took myself on a date to see Les Mis√©rables. I'm glad I saw it, but also glad I spared my loved ones. 
Day 54: Feb 23
Rondou, the best butcher in town. A visit here means the best quality meat, but a long line is guaranteed.
Day 55: Feb 24
I woke up craving pancakes. Then later at my friend Kaat's house, I ate them!

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