February 11, 2009

Pink Skirt for my Pink Eye(s)

Yes, I know it's gross, but I have to make light of the situation. Even though I stayed home from work today, I had some things to do...

Last month I wrote a review for THE magazine. Read it here.

I have another review to write for the Latino Cultural Center's exhibition Papel Chicano: Works on Paper from the Collection of Cheech Marin

I enjoy going to LCC. I've been before in different skirts: 
Skirt 4, here and 
Skirt 28, here. 
I'm not sure what number this is, but here I sit in my pink skirt, taking the exhibition in with my pink and puffy eyes.

One neat thing about the building by Logorreta y Logorreta are all of the different lines, angles, and shadows that occur at different times of the day. 

Look up. Let the sun shine in.

Look down.

This fun scarf is from Mexico... which reminds me that I still have many pictures to post from my trip to San Miguel and Guanajuato last summer. It's never too late, right?

By my car, I spotted this sticker:

Hey! I've been ther

again in this one,
this one,
and this one too.

You don't see a Sayulita sticker on a car too often. I think someone is trying to tell me something...

Now, I am home, blogging and writing from bed.
My inspiration:

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