February 18, 2009

Orange Crush

My brother came in town for business, his birthday is on Friday.
That's why I wore Skirt 44...

It was a beautiful day for my beautiful skirt!

Some nice lace-y detail when I look down:
My big brothers and parents (who have been divorced for 25+ years) went out for some Mexican food, 'cause you can't get good stuff in the Northeast. (So he says...) I made my big bro this cake...

It's orange and white because those were his high school colors, and the colors of the University of Texas, where both of my brothers went to school. Except me, I always have to be different.
It's not my best cake, but I tried some different techniques in a hurry. (Note: sour apple candy and chocolate cut outs.) 

Everyone enjoyed it, at least they said they did... 

I never laughed so hard as I did tonight... At least it has been a while. That's what happens when we get together. I love my family, and I love that hell didn't freeze over for all of us to eat in peace, have a good laugh, and all be together. It was better than old times.

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