February 1, 2009

in the 312 baby!

Baby, it's cold outside.

I came up to Chicago to do some research. I'm checking out some schools and some programs. The Illinois Art Therapy Association was having their conference, so it worked out well for me. The conference was at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
It was good. 
I got some great feedback.
I did yoga.
I made art. 

Don't mind me... I'm just checking things out.

No where to go but up!

Mesmerizing carpet pattern.

Could I roam these halls?

My body map:

A "warm" day in Chicago: 34 degrees. Time for a walk, and some shopping on the Magnificent Mile!

Where I've bean...

Like a little kid, I walked with my head up in the sky.

Look up!

This little guy always catches my eye...

Wrigley, Big John & WGN!

Go Steelers!

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