February 9, 2009

Weekend Adventures

I wore a new skirt for part of the weekend. It's from J.Crew and is actually sold as a "convertible swing dress," but it can be worn three different ways, like Units from the 80s. Remember that store? A skirt could be worn as a belt, tube top or headband. 

Anyway, this dress can be worn as a simple strapless dress, which I LOVE! I envision myself wearing this in Mexico very soon... The second way isn't too flattering, but basically it's like a strapless swing empire waist dress. And finally a full circle skirt.

I bought it in black and demonstrate here:
at Olive Garden for my nephews fifth birthday party. What a big boy!

And here

at La Reunion TX with my sturdy shoes and pants required to tour the site and tree carving projects. Read about it here.

The site... 

Art projects

This one is covered in car parts.

I see trees of green...

red roses too...

I see 'em bloom... for me and for you
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world.

This weekend was also the weekend to say YES.

Would you like to go to the Mavs game?

YES! (The Mavs played the Chicago Bulls. The Mavs won 115 to 114 in overtime. It was very exciting!)

Would you like some tickets to the inaugural Dallas Art Fair?


Wood you like to tour Urban Reserve?


Maybe someday I'll have my own tree house too...

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