February 19, 2009

Checkered Days...

You never know where inspiration will find you.

The bathroom.

I've been sick, and while I feel better, I am on medication which is not making me feel good at all. Now I have more medication to combat the side effects of the antibiotics. I'm sort of miserable right now... and a kid threw up on me today.
After a shower, I put on my favorite blouse and one of my prettiest skirts, Skirt 42. It doesn't really match, but whatever...

Happy feet!

I came across this disposable camera outside of Murray Street tied to a string. It had a note attached to it. It said, "Photo Nerds wanted!"

I love collaborative projects like this. Check out photopol.us.

Yeah, I took a skirt shot.

Later that night at The Granada, And You Will Know Up By The Trail Of The Dead rocked the house!

And more checkers were added to my collection.

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