November 3, 2008

A new month, a new day, a new president?

I had a fabulous weekend, and I hope everyone else had the same. My second Halloween costume was a hit! I was even asked to be in a costume contest!

My costume looked like it came from Alice (remember that TV show?), but I was more influenced by the cover of Supertramp's album, Breakfast in America, a cover I've written about before. Anyway, it was fun to wear, and more fun to get so many compliments.
Kiss my grits!

Other inspiration included Phoebe Damrosch's book that I'm reading, Service Included.

It's pretty good... Four stars! Read the New York Times review here.

Well, election day is finally here! Today is the day history will be made. It's also the day I start my cake decorating classes; I'm so excited! This pic was from Daily Candy Dallas this morning. But I have to tell you, one of these cakes will leave a bad taste in my mouth...

Go out and vote today!

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