July 13, 2008

My Jonah Week in Review:

1) My computer died on Friday.
2) I didn't get the job(s) I thought I wanted...
What can I say? This has been a Jonah week, but...
it did get better.

Here are some highlights:
1) I went shopping with Molly, and she picked out a dress for me. I laughed when I saw it, because it reminded me of a waitress' uniform at a diner... But, I love it! I got SO many compliments on it, and maybe being a waitress suits me. Thanks for thinking of me Molly!

Here I am in my comfy dress in front of pretty wildflowers.

Here I am on the way to who knows where...I love the pretty yellow gingham fabric.

And here's the SuperTramp album Breakfast in America, which also reminds me of my dress!

2) I bought a refurbished computer, it should be here in 2 days!Thanks Les!

3) I spent some quality time with my mom. We went to the Latino Cultural Center made "Ojos de Dios" wall hangings, and my mom took her first skirt shot! Yay mom!

4) I went to a fashion show. Fierce!

5) I got a job! I have to wear a uniform and it does NOT consist of a skirt, but that's ok, because I'll be making some $$$. I needed some brown shoes and socks, so I headed to WEPCo for some shoes that will make my feet happy!

6 & 7) Dansko clogs and Smartwool socks: life is good!

I used to wear clogs in high school. I'd always go on pointe in them and ruin the tips...

8) The socks and shoes with this skirt remind me of the cover of a great book that I thankfully picked up this weekend at the library. I am loving it!
Check it out here

9) A wall made of wine crates at my favorite Dallas restaurant: The Grape.

10) Books arranged by color:

11) I made some cinnamon bread:

12, 13, & 14) Sunsets, sailboats, and skirts...

it doesn't get much better than this!

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Anonymous said...

never heard the phrase Jonah Week (or Joanh Day (been googling)), maybe cause I'm not church-goin' , but a Great phrase!