November 16, 2008

Katie Awards Skirt

Last night The Press Club of Dallas held their 50th Annual Katie Awards. After a scandalous hiatus (read here and here for the crazy story), the awards were held last night at the Sixth Floor Museum. As part of the program, four men gave their accounts of the events that happened in Dallas, 45 years ago next Saturday, November 22. Hugh Aynesworth, vetran reporter, Buell Frazier, worked with Lee Harvey Oswald, Jerry Hill, officer who helped capture Oswald and Jim Leavelle, who was handcuffed to Oswald when he was shot. It was amazing to hear their accounts of what happened first hand. I turned to my friend, "what are we doing here?" Also on hand was Gloria Campos, a local Latina heroine of mine. I still watch her on Channel 8 and think, "You go girl!" She was wearing a rockin' red leather skirt, and she has beautiful teeth.
Anyway, I wasn't able to take many pics, but I want to go back next Saturday and be at the grassy knoll. It's a part of history that I was obsessed with as a kid, and to think it happened right here in my home town.

Funny shot in the ladies room. Wonder what happened here?

More party atmosphere at Dolly Python
Lots of great stuff, I'll have to go back when I have some $$$$$$$$$$....

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