November 12, 2008

Clown Cake

Here it is folks!

My clown cake. It's not made from entirely from scratch, (thank you Duncan Hines), but the icing is. I used about 6 different icing tips, and just went with it. My hand was pretty shaky from the espresso I had just before class. I used primary colors, and while I was mixing, I was thankful for my color theory class that I took in college. I just never thought I would use it to mix icing... or maybe I did?

Here's Marianne's clown menagerie:

How many clowns do you see?

The answer is five.

This project reminded me of my paint by numbers clown that I finished back in September. I don't think I ever showed the finished project, but here it is:

I'm happy to report that I started a new one. It only has the red color in it, because red = 1. Plus, red is my favorite color.Can you tell what it is?

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