November 18, 2008

Lucha Libre Cake

Skirt 25 and my boots that I won on Ebay. Yay!

Check out that detail on that cake!

I had cake decorating class tonight; we decorated character cakes. I didn't especially like any of the cake pans that they had there, except for the hamburger. All week I was debating between a matryoshka doll and a Dia de los Muertos decorated skull, but All Souls Day has already passed. After much vacillation and a crafting date with the Crafty Chica, I decided on a Lucha Libre cake that I made and designed myself. Designing a cake wasn't too hard. In 9th grade biology class we had to create a model of the animal and plant cell for a major grade. I forgot all about this, but I made a cake, frosted and labeled all of the parts.

el pastel de lucha libre:

Wanna wrestle?

1 comment:

stephanie said...

ooo! that cake looks nice.
How'd it go over?

Do I still get next tuesday's for my bday?!?!

May I request chocolate cake?
Any kind of icing!