January 9, 2008

Skirt 60

I'm in Skirt 60 this morning. It's so pretty: very lovely and light. Except that it's cold outside, so I've paired it with leggings and my Chaco's. Not the most flattering outfit, but whatever... I'm warm and comfortable.

I tried to make it to school on time this morning, but I didn't make it. The sun doesn't rise over the mountains until well after 7:30; it's just so unmotivating to get out of bed without daylight. And, that's just part of being in Puerto Vallarta.

Another inspiring sentence I read on the bus this morning:
"There is nirvanic peace in things left just as they are... That's the ultimate refuge, the ultimate practice of letting go - the art of allowing things to be as they are."
One of the reasons I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta was to learn Spanish. There are many opportunities to speak Spanish here and tonight I decided to take advantage of Spanish Experience Center's weekly cafés.

Tonight's café was at Coexist Café, a great inexpensive bar and restaurant en el centro. It was an international group, and I am inspired to take more classes.

It stayed cool this evening. I hear that it is cooler than usual this season, but I'm not complaining.

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