January 2, 2008

New Year = New Skirt, Part Deux

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's so cold outside ~ 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes the HIGH in Puerto Vallarta reaches 27 degrees CELSIUS.

Today's skirt is another gift from Pam. It's an A-line skirt, made from thick, heavy material. It's from Zara, a successful clothing chain that originated in Spain. I lived in Spain one summer, and before there were Zara's in the United States, I shopped there. They have very cute clothes. I like the simplicity of this skirt and the butterflies that are on the waist. It adds a nice touch and reminds me to embrace this moment of change in my life. It's pink, and pink is a color of love. Wearing this color makes me feel hope.

Waiting at the hospital... (Waiting is no good...)

Out of curiosity, I stopped at a friend's shop today called Curiosities. It's a great store filled with "curious goods for creative people."

Indeed! I found something for myself and an original NFL electric football game. I hadn't seen one since my mom cut the cord on my brothers' set that one Christmas...

At my old trabajo: the Dallas Museum of Art...

Big. Small. Skirt.

I know where to go in Dallas and I know who to turn to. Realizing this makes me miss it even more.

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