July 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

It rained today. Finally, relief from the triple digit heat! For a spell, anyway... It was nice, but it was hard to enjoy as I was dealing with the hit and run that happened in the wee hours of the morning in front of my mom's house.

To the person(s) who did this to my car:
Thanks a lot. I hope that your current situation warranted not leaving a note, and I hope that this never happens to you or someone you care about.

After the rental, at NorthPark running a quick errand, I had time for a skirt shot wearing Skirt 7, AND it's time for the Parade of Playhouses! I love looking at these constructions throughout the mall. These are such neat constructions and built with great design and innovation in mind.

Here is the perfect playhouse for a rainy day like today. This playhouse looks like it was made from recycled materials, has an inverted tin roof, and a rain catcher on the side that says, "water for the garden." After today's Jonah day, there was plenty of water and tears.
Thank goodness for insurance
Thank goodness for rental cars
Thank goodness this month is almost over
I've got to get away...
Thank goodness for Mexico

Click here to learn more about
Dallas CASA's Parade of Playhouses at NorthPark Mall.

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