May 2, 2010


Remember when I wanted to make this sweater? Well, I started it in March after I went to Creativa,  and it's been a slow process. When I started the sweater I only knew how to purl and knit. Admittedly, I bit off more than I could chew, but how else does one learn?

And boy, have I learned! I have learned to knit using circular needles, learned to rib, cable, increase, decrease, and knit using the magic loop method.

I spent most of yesterday working on the owls and finished within 12 inches of running out of yarn.

Last month I popped over to check the blog of the creator of this pattern, Kate Davies. I was shocked to learn that on her way to work last February she had a stroke at the age of 36! She has spent the last two months recounting her recovery and triumphs as she works to gain movement and strength of her left arm, leg, and hand. These days she is climbing hills, walking cities and she has even started to knit again!

Dr. Davies is such an inspiration to me as she perseveres and recounts her journey. (Dr. because she has her PhD and teaches at a university.)  I guess in a way this sweater is a tribute to her, because I feel that she is one of my knitting teachers. She has been a great motivator to complete this sweater, to try something new, and to not fear new things. What's more, I don't even know her! And she definitely has no idea who I am, I've never even written her! Maybe I should change that?

Another motivation was this beautiful yarn that Mr. Wonderful bought me for my birthday.

It was pricey at 14€ a pop. I have used 5 to date, but this sweater will need six. Ouch.

Oh well, it's worth it. I just hope this sweater fits when I'm finished!

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Shannon said...

Lydia, I am so impressed with your knitting skills! You will have to teach me when you get home!