January 16, 2010

You Say It's My Birthday!

That's the Beatles song Mr. Wonderful played when I woke up yesterday.

Usually, my mom calls me at 6:30 in the morning and plays the traditional Mexican birthday song, Las MaƱanitas. Since I am 7 hours ahead and Skype wasn't turned on, it was all up in the air. But she did manage to send me an e-mail at 6:27 a.m., just 3 minutes shy of my real birth time 6:24. She also sent me a package full of goodies!
She had carefully packed my mini food chopper, tons of Ziplock baggies, Martha Stewart magazines, warm socks for me and Mr. Wonderful, Post-Its, gum, and clothes I already had! Because I hadn't seen some of these clothes in a while, it was just like seeing them for the first time and I was equally thrilled to discover that they still fit! Hooray!

She also sent me these great chalkboard stickers that can stick on virtually any surface. Aren't these so awesome?!
I immediately hung one in my tiny kitchen. Now we have a place to write menus, shopping lists and notes. My tiny corner of the world is complete and organized!

I've neglected to mention on this blog that I've been helping out at a school here in Belgium. Most of my time is spent in a 5th grade class, not really my favorite grade in the past, but this has been such a fun group to work with, not to mention a unique experience.

Yesterday, when I walked into the classroom the kids had "tagged" the white board.
And the girls went all out folded and colored every surface of paper they could get their hands on:

My favorite was this handmade journal:

Inside is a pocket full of folded origami hearts:
I ♥ it!

They are sweet kids, so I brought us an equally sweet treat from the bakery.
This delicious berry cream pie with a meringue top cost 7 €!

What a deal!

It was berry good!

When I came home, I opened the door and saw this!
Pink balloons and Post-It hearts everywhere! It was the best surprise EVER! I tell you, he is wonderful!

Let her eat cake!
And don't forget to make a wish!

We went out for a fancy meal at this place:
A place we happened upon, and definitely the best meal we have eaten in Leuven.

Black truffle ravioli, lamb chops in a cream of garlic sauce and mashed potatoes:
It was divine.

Melt in your mouth divine.

Never want it to end divine.

So freaking good.


But the night wasn't over yet, we still had to party! And this was done at this fine establishment in Leuven:

Only six lanes in this place, and 14 of us took up two! I love bowling on my birthday. It's the second year in a row that I have done this and I think I will keep up the tradition.
Birthday Skirt (Skirt 25), in Action:

My feet in bowling shoes.

Mr. Wonderful's feet in bowling shoes:
These photos appeared on separate cameras. Great minds think alike!

So, that's it!



It's different than 33. Somehow I feel much older, and honestly don't like saying it: 34.

But, I can't deny
I feel


Wendi said...

Wow! It looks like you had an amazing Birthday! To be honesty, I haven't read your blog in a long time. I loved reading it! I think I just spent the last 20 minutes cathing up on all things Lydia.

Lisa said...

AW!I loooooooooved reading about your birthday! The kids letters are SO cute!!! Your mom is the cutest! I wish my package would've arrived in time for your birthday. I went to the post office to find out what the dealio is - but it's MLK day! oops! They are not open. I can't believe Jon decorated! I've never known him to decorate ANYTHING! It's so adorable! Everything looked so fun. I'm so happy for you!