May 12, 2010


My first jumper, ahem - sweater, is FINALLY finished!

This weekend, I found the perfect buttons at 't Wolwinkeltje, my local yarn shop. I needed 36, and they had exactly 36 at .50€ a pop, bringing  the grand total of this sweater to 102€. Sheesh!  I don't know if I will be making another one of these anytime soon. It's definitely the most expensive sweater I have, and actually the warmest. I guess it's great that it's still 4°C in the mornings because I get to wear this sweater, but it's May already! Mid-May! (4°C = 38°F.) C'mon Belgium! Warm up already!

Here's a close up of the little guys.

Front view:

And a view of the back:
I am pleased with this sweater and it's soft and warm coziness, but I am a little self-conscious in it. There is a bit too much volume in the upper back area. It's really just a little bit, no one notices but me. Also, I am not sure how to style this sweater. It's very fitted in the front (stomach area), and the owls may be a little young for me. Oh well...


This sweater makes me smile, which is why I made it in the first place.

Something else that makes me smile:

My artwork sold! I just sold my first piece!


Those Tricks said...

The sweater turned out amazing.
Put a medium or small width belt on your natural waist and wear with a skirt closer to the knee zone.
OR! Skinny pants/jeans.
Once it's belted, pull the top up in front just a tad to even out to the poof in the back - like you mean for the top half to poof a teeeeeeeny bit.
Either way - it looks great by itself.

And congrats on the art sale.
That piece is truly fab.
I just love it.


Lydia said...

Thanks Steph! I just bought some skinny black pants! I will definitely keep my eye out for a belt.