October 16, 2009

Smarts & Crafts

I've mentioned the blog Smarts & Crafts before. I participate in their weekly photo assignments, which are so fun and challenging. Smarts & Crafts is run by the super duper DIY power couple Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith, who also own the Curiosity Shoppe & Gallery in San Francisco.

They have authored a couple of books, both of which are for sale here.


Which has its very own website.

I was catching up on their blog last night and saw the most AMAZING sweater which Lauren has knit herself. She is making her own clothes this winter in an effort to learn more techniques and save money. What a great idea! Lauren posted a link to the FREE PATTERN which can be found here, and even said that it was "fairly easy" to knit. I can hardly wait to get started!
Pattern and photo by Kate Davies from her website Needled.

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