May 11, 2010


I really used to dislike wisteria as a child. It was so fragrant and used to hang in the backyard of my friend Mark's house, right by the trampoline.  It was a bummer when it would bloom. It's powerful fragrance would instantly knock me over, make me nauseous and give me the worst headache ever - totally knocking me out for my afternoon trampoline session, and I love the trampoline! I have such a strong association with this tree, that whenever I see it I hold my breath as I walk by.
Some Belgium neighborhoods are full of wisteria, making it very difficult to hold my breath. As it turns out, these plants aren't as bad as I remember and are actually quite lovely.

I've been listening to this lately. It's pretty f%$#*@ hilarious and makes me want to revisit and write of my own childhood memories.

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