March 11, 2010


Creativa is happening in Brussels this weekend.

What is Creativa? Think of it as a big craft store with all of your creative making needs. A one stop shop!There wasn't much in the way of crafts, but everything that you could imagine you would need to create was there under one very convenient roof. It was a huge exposition hall filled with vendors from Europe selling fabric, notions, paper, paints, sewing machines, cutting materials, just to name a few. 

A few pics from today...

The Atomium
 Which happens to be very close to the expo.

Lace making demonstration, albeit blurry.
A craft expo in Belgium is not complete without one.

Imagine all of the lovely summer ethereal clothes one could make!
Loose thé  (tea)

 I wish you could have smelled this corner of the expo. It was heaven.

French style embroidery...
I love the simplicity of the red on natural whites and linens.

I walked away with a few new tools and loads of inspiration. 

Who's ready to make something?


Shannon said...

Oh my god I am so jealous! This looks amazing!

danielle said...

that expo looks awesome.I'm ready to make something!!