December 14, 2008

Fun with Paper

Look at what's in the back of my car! It's a gift from my friend Mary and a good way to start this post. This laughing Buddha is covered with original patterned paper that Mary designed herself. Thanks Mar!

You may remember seeing this guy, here.

Project 1:
My bathroom cabinet has a glass door, and did nothing to hide my clutter and unmentionables.

Then it dawned on me to take some beautiful paper that I had hanging in my room to hide this scene.


The map is actually decorative paper from Cavallini & Co. Their products are so beautiful. How I covet them all!

This isn't paper related, but I have to show the top of the cabinet, because I forgot to mention this Estate Sale find in my last post. I got these three Japanese bowls for $2.50!

Woo-hoo! More stuff!

But they were too pretty to pass up.

Project 2:

Recently, during a trip to the 6th Floor Museum, I was perusing some picture books and noticed something chic in an old photo of the White House Living Room: silhouette pillows of John John and Caroline. They looked fabulous on the sofa and I thought they would make excellent parent gifts from my students for Christmas. (I hope none of my parents are reading this blog now.) Anyway, I've had a time researching the best how-to instructions, materials, and taking profile photos of two-, three- and four-year-olds. I got them all done and edited them in Photoshop. Check out my how-to, which I couldn't have done without Stephanie's help and advice. Thanks Steph!

Silhouette Stencils Part 1

1) Take a picture.
2) Edit the photo in Photoshop, or other digital imaging program.
3) Print the image.
4) Carefully cut the image with an Exacto onto freezer paper. This is available at your local grocery store, and VERY inexpensive. Freezer paper has one side that is waxy and one side that is not, more like paper.

5) On prepared fabric (washed and ironed), place the waxy side down and iron.

Whew, I'm tired! That's enough for tonight. More on this project tomorrow.

Fun with bubbles early this morning. Kids crack me up!

It does look pretty in the fountain, doesn't it?

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