December 12, 2008

Bendita la Luz

I've been missing Mexico. Missing what I don't have~ sunsets mainly and the ocean. Such as life... But look at what I do have ~ I'm always trying to be a half-full kind of girl.

White Rock Lake
it's so close to me.

Tonight's full moon. Bendita la luz

That's Spanish for "Blessed be the light," inspired by lyrics from the awesome Mexican band Manรก...

Also, family...
I went to McKinney, Texas and hung out with my dad this week. He took me

The food was good,

and I really liked the decor.

and opportunity...
This is a new skirt by the way, a gift from Pam. It's a pleated mini, made of a heavy black and white herringbone. I wore it all day, even with my two year olds, and I love it. :)

I'm at Richland College in front of Thunder Duck Hall. I'm thinking about taking some classes in the Spring, and this was kind of the preview...
What could I be working on?

Speaking of black and white...
LOOK what I did!

And finally, friends.

Tonight is Anna's birthday. I had some gifts that I picked up for her in Mexico. (Maybe that's how my missing Mexico started?)

An eco-friendly way to wrap gifts!

Step 1:

Gather all items to place inside of an empty Kleenex box.
Tucks are an inside joke, but I had no idea how useful they were until tonight.

Step 2:
Wrap all items in Kleenex and place inside the empty Kleenex box.


Skinny jeans and all,
because I told
Oscar I would...

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Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma!!!!! Thanks, your the best.