December 5, 2008

Felt Friday!

Last night was an impromptu craft night with some of my girls. We made Christmas stockings out of felt. This is Shannon's, she L O V E S the color green:

The next two, I made for my classroom mantles.

This one is for my two-year-olds, that's why there's two poinsettias. Also, each flower has six petals, one for each of my kiddos.

This stocking is for my three-year-olds, (note: three BIG snowflakes). I have nine kiddos total.

This is the work of my three-year-olds. Cute stuff, huh?

I have to sew them all this weekend, but they look so festive and sweet. I also want to point out their behavior chain, which is working like a charm, my sweet little angles... Every time I catch them using nice words, being sweet and kind with their friends, they get a link with their name on it. It's genius!

This is another project we're trying again today:

Christmas yarn art... We'll see how they turn out before I divulge the process.

Are you hungry? Check out these photos of Stephanie's felt food.

Check out more of here creations here. Or buy something of hers here.

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