May 21, 2008

Suit Skirt

This is my Suit Skirt that goes with the suit that my sweet cousin bought for me. I feel very professional in it, almost too professional. Clothes are amazing that way; no matter what you feel like on the inside, clothes can transform you so that you change to match your appearance. I realize that this is not always a good thing, but today it was.

I'm standing in front of Wave, a sculpture by one of my favorite architects Santiago Calatrava. I was first introduced to the work of Calatrava in the summer of 2000; the summer I spent in sunny Spain. I stayed in Valencia, traveled to Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Alicante and Sitges.

The words of Belle and Sebastian always remind me, "I spent a summer wasting," but the memories and essence of that time are still with me.
I feel happy and realize that I am such a lucky girl, I've had some great experiences, and there are still more to come!

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