May 1, 2008

May 1st

One year ago today I started Skirt Project. I chose May 1st, because it's a day that belonged to someone else, an ex's birthday. Sick of grieving, sick of missing what I wasn't actually missing out on, sick of the reminder, I decided to take back May 1st for myself. There is no way that I could have predicted where I am today, and all because I chose to do something for myself. Life isn't perfect, it's been extremely challenging lately, but here I am one year later, living my life for myself and that has been the greatest reward. I've learned so many lessons and have had so many great experiences. It's a wonderful world, and it's scary sometimes, but this world is mine; it's wide open, it's what I chose to make it.

I forget that sometimes, even though I wear skirts to remind me that anything is possible, it's become routine. Maybe it's the writing that's become difficult during this time? I'm censoring myself most days to keep it light and fun. But, what do I have to complain about really? Life isn't perfect, but it's perfect for me right now. As I grudengly got out of bed today, I knew today was special. It's special because it's a milestone. It's a point for me to see how far I have come, but most of all to reflect on where I am going. I'm moving forward, updating as I go along. I have lots of pictures to post and experiences from this past week to share.

My how time flies, how things change, how much things stay the same... I have some catching up to do...

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OX OX ?? What's the deal with big water animals?