May 19, 2008

My "new" $4 skirt

I went thrifting this weekend with my friend Genevieve. I also started a job today... Finally! (sigh) So happy!
My skirt is a full green cotton number with green embroidery at the bottom that I bought at Westmoreland Thrift for $3.99.

My skirt is under the apron, but the apron is SEW cute! (I may have something else to blog about, AND another project.)

Skirt detail, it sort of looks like it's smocked.

It must be from Target, I recognize the brand. I also bought some things for a new project, but from all of my purchases, which were less than $25, I think that green is my new favorite color. After visiting four different thrift stores, I can't believe how much STUFF is out there! Seriously, after yesterday's excursions I can see that there is absolutely no need to buy anything new again.

Go Stars!

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